• Calley's Magick Misters 120ml cobalt blue glass

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    Calley's Magick Misters are vibrational energy sprays made in sacred ceremony. They are made from extremely pure 100% essential oils and resinoids sourced from various parts of the world combined with vibrational essences, gem elixirs, healing orchid and plant essences, specific intentions, energy infused water and sacred water from various holy wells in the UK. They are made at auspicious moon times with special sound vibrations and chakra lights and are made in sacred ceremony with high vibrational Beings. You can use the Magick Misters for your daily morning rituals to clear and energise your aura, for clearing or blessing spaces or for cleansing crystals. 

    Custom made spays are the most popular sprays and are made with your intentions for your space and what you wish to manifest in your life, crystals elixirs chosen for you and essential oils tailored to your energy. They are powerful energy shifting tools and support you in manifesting new in your life, clearing energy in your spaces and changing any negative emotions to help you keep on track and feeling good on a daily basis.