Step into Enlightenment

A course designed to empower you to expand into your full potential. This is for anyone who would like to feel clearer, calmer, more grounded, more energised and more connected. This is especially relevant for empaths, lightworkers, healers and all those who feel deeply.  We have entered into a cosmic springtime, where we have left the winter of the Covid pandemic and all the grief, loss, illness, and burnout behind. The shift in energies calls us to make changes in our lives to align fully with our purpose so that we may take the truth of who we are out into the world. It is time for radical self care, where we commit to simple quick daily tools and processes to keep us in a good feeling state of vibration so we may express the fullness of who we are.

We will meet online bi-monthly on Wednesday evenings at 630pm (UK time) / 730 pm (UTC+2 / South African standard time) from the 11th of May to the 20th of July for deep healing meditations and to learnnew tools and techniques to make you feel more connected, calmer, clearer, more energised, more grounded and more balanced. You will be provided with meditation audios and support in between sessions to integrate new tools and habits.

Why do this over three months?

To integrate the healing meditations and daily processes and tools so that you may develop new habits to feel good on a more permanent basis.

The course content covers the following:

11th May: Self rescue techniques, alert awareness, soul retrieval, return to self and re-visioning a new future.

25th May: Nourish and energise the body.

8th June: Tune your energy centres and processes for calming and processing emotions.

22nd June: Connect more deeply to Spirit, messengers of Spirit and opening your awareness further to Spirit's guidance.

6th July: Balance the elements within (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) and relation to the energy meridians.

20th July: Clearing, blessing and aligning your living spaces to your intentions and your visions.

Yes, I am ready to expand into my full potential

Who is supporting you on this journey into expansion?

Calley Beamish

Gifted with seeing through the realms since she was a child, Calley Beamish is a clairvoyant (psychic-medium) and intuitive healer. She trained for several years under Master Chua as an Advanced Cosmique Therapy healer (an Eastern healing modality) in South East Asia. Calley also spent several years of training in earth medicine and shamanic practioner training, connecting deeply to the energies of all four directions, with Scott Alexander King, a Zoomacer and shamanic practioner and founder of Animal in Australia. She combines her gifts of clairvoyance and connecting deeply to Beings in nature, and her scientific training and extensive work experience as a Zoologist, Entomologist, Ecologist and conservationist to provide Spirit Animal/ Power Animal Readings to her clients. This helps clients to understand themselves more deeply and to discover their life lessons, challenges and strengths by understanding the animal allies that walk with them. Her specialist training includes space clearing and blessing with Denise Linn, past life regression under South Africa's Institute of Hypnotherapy, horse healing (UK), crystal therapy (UK) and inter-species communication (Singapore). Her deep soul counselling sessions combine Spirit Animal Readings with connecting deeply to the energies in her client's chakras and energy bodies to heal past trauma and physical and emotional imbalances and to enable her clients to feel more aligned, calmer and more energised to live out their purpose. 

Calley has a passion for ancient trees, forests and wildlife. She used to be on several expert and species specific groups related to providing guidance to the Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) members to drive best practices for species conservation in South East Asia. In her corporate job for a large international agribusiness she developed training modules for monitoring High Conservation Areas and trained company staff and set up her own conservation teams as part of her varied job profile. She presented at RSPO international conferences and set up many multi-partner conservation projects around Indonesia and Malaysia. Accustomed to teaching online and in the classroom Calley developed her teaching skills further as a senior school teacher for five years teaching IGCSE and AS level Geography and Biology.

Emma Mentel

Emma Mentel is a dietician, Applied Medicine Practioner and a Scio Practioner. She is also qualified in Angelic Reiki, and is a Reiki Master and an Energy Medicine Practioner. She combines her healing with over 30 years of nutritional and health coaching experience to provide support for her clients to achieve better health and wellness- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Yes, I want to join this course and step into my full potential