Readings are based on clients' requirements and can be a mix of psychic mediumship, intuitive energy healing and life coaching. All readings are done with pure intent in love and support of the client and their highest needs.

Soul coaching

Working at the soul level Calley goes through all the energy centres, viewing the soul and the Beings supporting the soul and the person's present circumstances and any related past circumstances. Healing and adjustment is done where needed and clarity and direction for ones life are given with specific tools that can be implemented to support the person in manifesting their highest potential. Soul coaching sessions typically take two hours.

What is a psychic reading?

A psychic reading looks at the past, present and future events normally in relation to current issues to provide clarity, guidance and life coaching. Working with the soul level much information can be gained to assist the client in reconnecting them in with who they truly are at their core - a Spiritual Being having a physical experience and not a human being having a spiritual experience in this life. Working with the energy centres I will also do energy healing where there is a need for it to support the client in moving forward.

What is a mediumship reading?

As a clairvoyant I use my gifts of clairvoyance (clear seeing/psychic vision), clairaudience (clear hearing/psychic hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling/sensing including clairempathy) and claircognizance (clear knowing/psychic knowing) to connect with the other realms for messages, answers, clarity and guidance from loved ones, ancestors and animals that have passed over, Higher Consciousness communication with those in this life where relevant, Higher Beings including guides, power animals, Angels, Elemental Beings, crystals, plants and trees and Beings from other worlds, dimensions and realms. The possibilities for readings are endless and are very much dependent on clients needs and can include assistance with connecting in and bringing into harmony spaces they are living or working in where they may be having issues with particular energies or Spirit activity.

What is a divination reading?

Divination is a quick way of connecting to the inner knowing using a huge variety of methods. It is a fun and fresh way to provide insight, clarity and guidance to a client. Readings can be done using coffee granules, tea leaves, paintings, oracle cards or objects intuitively collected and placed on a table by the client. Clients can send photos of the objects and their arrangement and be sent an email reading or readings can be done in person. Short divination sessions are perfect for clients who may have a very targeted question or just need a little clarity or guidance or for those who may have time or financial constraints.