Space Clearing and Blessings

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Please specify how many rooms or spaces you need cleared at each location.
Please specify if this is clearing from a distance or physical clearing.

Space Clearing is a very sacred process to me. Spaces are cleared of dense and stagnant energies and uplifted, energised or calmed based on the client's intentions for each room or space and what they wish to manifest in their life. Clients are interviewed  about their current circumstances and their intentions for their spaces and what they wish to manifest in their life. This is followed by a house visit/ Skype video walk through (for distance clearing). The spaces (house/ business) are cleared and blessed distantly first and then a physical clearing and blessing is done in ceremony and the client/s are aligned with the new energies. An aligned vibrational space clearing spray (value of USD45) is gifted to the client to maintain the new energies.