Calley is a clairvoyant medium intuitive healer and artist. She is also a trained Zoologist and Entomologist. Gifted with seeing the 'other realms' since she was a child she uses her gifts of clairvoyance (clear seeing/psychic vision), clairaudience (clear hearing/psychic hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling/sensing including clairempathy) and claircognizance (clear knowing/psychic knowing) for soul counselling, life coaching, space clearing and blessings, healing of all Beings, mediumship and inter-species communication. The possibilities for readings with her are endless and are very much dependent on clients needs.

Calley is Post-Graduate (level 6) Cosmique Therapy healer, an Eastern Philosophy healing. She trained under Master Chua in Malaysia over several years. Whilst in the UK Calley furthered her animal healing with horse healing under Henry Cumming, an international equine and animal therapist. For several years Calley also trained under and completed the medicine wheel with Scott Alexander King, a zoomancer, shaman and earth medicine practioner in Australia.