Calley Beamish

Gifted with seeing through the realms since she was a child, Calley Beamish is a clairvoyant (psychic-medium) and intuitive healer. She trained for several years under Master Chua as an Advanced Cosmique Therapy healer (an Eastern healing modality) in South East Asia. Calley also spent several years of training in Earth Medicine and Shamanic Practioner training, connecting deeply to the energies of all four directions and learning the energetic medicine of animals, with Scott Alexander King, a Zoomacer and Shamanic Practioner and founder of Animal in Australia. Her specialist training includes space clearing and blessing with Denise Linn, past life regression under South Africa's Institute of Hypnotherapy, horse healing (UK), crystal therapy (UK) and inter-species communication (Singapore).

She combines her gifts of clairvoyance and connecting deeply to Beings in nature, and her scientific training and work experience, to provide Spirit Animal/ Power Animal Readings to her clients. This helps clients to understand themselves more deeply and to discover their life lessons, challenges and strengths by understanding the animal allies that walk with them. 

Her deep soul counselling sessions combine Spirit Animal Readings with connecting deeply to the energies in her client's chakras and energy bodies to heal past trauma and physical and emotional imbalances and to enable her clients to feel more aligned, calmer and more energised to live out their purpose. These sessions depend on client's needs and may include psychic mediumship, life coaching, clearing of negative energies, healing childhood trauma and past life regression.

Calley loves helping clients with the sacred process of space clearing in their homes and businesses to support them in creating spaces that align them to their intentions and visions for life.

Besides being able to communicate, with and heal animals, and to see Power Animals, Calley is also a Zoologist and an Entomologist and spent many years working as a researcher, a conservationist and ecologist, a Sustainability Senior Manager in South East Asia and a safari guide and adventure travel guide in several countries in southern Africa. She underwent survival training in the jungles of Guyana in South America and has a passion for exploring ancient forests around the world. 

Calley used to be on several expert and species specific groups related to providing guidance to the Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) members to drive best practices for species conservation in South East Asia. In her past corporate job for a large international agribusiness she developed training modules for monitoring High Conservation Areas and trained company staff and set up her own conservation teams as part of her varied job profile. She presented at RSPO international conferences and set up many multi-partner conservation projects with NGOs and governments around Indonesia and Malaysia. 

Being passionate about helping teenagers become the best version of themselves, Calley enjoyed spending five years as a senior school teacher teaching IGCSE and AS level Geography and Biology and mentoring small groups of boys in a private boys school.