Calley is a Zoologist and an Entomologist and spent many years working as a researcher, a conservationist and ecologist, a sustainability senior manager and a safari guide around South East Asia and southern Africa. Trained for survival in the jungles of Guyana in South America she spent several years writing a book on the tropics with special focus on the global wildlife within the Tropics and how to handle any dangerous encounters with all forms of animal life from encounters with stalking lions, snakes, hairy caterpillars, bullet ants and spiders. She has a passion for the forest, for all wildlife and for travel.

Whilst working and travelling around South East Asia Calley trained under Master Chua for several years in an Eastern healing philosophy called Cosmique Therapy to heal all forms of physical and emotional ailments. She also spent several years following the medicine wheel and exploring the sacred energetic medicine of wildlife and shamanism with Scott Alexander King, a Zoomacer, Shaman and Earth Medicine Practitioner in Australia. Other specialist training has included Past Life Regression under the Hypnotherapy Institute of South Africa, crystal therapy and crystal massage in the UK, horse healing with Henry Cumming in the UK and Space Clearing with Denise Linn (USA).

Gifted with seeing through the realms since she was a child Calley uses her clairvoyance and intuitive healing abilities with her in depth sacred wildlife knowledge to offer holistic soul counselling sessions. These sessions include a power and totem animal reading, chakra balancing, psychic mediumship and life coaching. Besides inter-species communication and healing of animals Calley also does mediumship and past life regression only sessions. To assist clients to more deeply integrate the soul level healing she offers Transformational Coaching Programs. These programs also assist in healing all traumas (from this life time and past life times) and shifting patterns of belief and subconscious programming and providing bespoke life coaching and guidance for those wishing to revision their life.