Calley's Magick Misters are vibrational energy sprays made in sacred ceremony. They are made from extremely pure 100% essential oils and resinoids sourced from various parts of the world combined with vibrational essences, gem elixirs, healing orchid and plant essences, specific intentions, energy infused water and sacred water from various holy wells in the UK. They are made at auspicious moon times with special sound vibrations and chakra lights and are made in sacred ceremony with high vibrational Beings. You can use the Magick Misters for your daily morning rituals to clear and energise your aura, for clearing or blessing spaces or for cleansing crystals.

Custom Mist

These best selling custom-made vibrational sprays are aligned with the clients energy, their intentions for their house or workplace or for use during travelling. These are powerful energy changing sprays that can be used to clear the aura and any space. They are especially useful on a plane, for staying in hotels or others energy and for daily use to maintain a high frequency of energy in a room and to manifest ones goals and dreams.

Love Mist

Love Mist is especially good for self nurturing and self acceptance, love and acceptance of others, bringing in a new love, nurturing current relationships, re-igiting those things in life that you are passionate about and a feeling of being loved. It is packed full of the senual scents of pure rose oil (Rosa centifolia), Mediterranean rock rose bush resinoid, absolute rose blends, carnation, neroli, jasmine, lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, Green Tara space aroma, Narnia sphagnum moss essence, Gastonbury Chalice Well Golden Rose and Love essences, Glastonbury White Spring sacred water and the Chalice Well sacred water, St Annes Sacred Well water from the Peak District, lunar water, gem elixirs including that of rose quartz, selenite, celestite, malachite and chrysocolla, sound and light energies and Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Raphael with special love specific intentions infused in the sprays. This spray very much focuses on the heart chakra and connection to the divine energies.

Golden Abundance

Golden Abundance helps to rid oneself of any fear and lack and limitation thinking and any lower energy thinking, it supports business ideas and expansion and creating and attracting more abundance in your life. It is made with high frequency Christ Conscious and lion energies to raise your vibration in and around you and dragon fire energy to clear lower vibrations. It focuses very much on your solar plexus, root and crown chakras. Its gem elixirs include larimar, gold tigers eye, pyrite, Madagascar quartz, amythest, rhyolite and boulder opal. Its vibrational essences and space aromas include Merlin, Avalon Mist, White Goddess, Phoenix space aroma, Narnia sphagnum moss and Chalice Well Cherry Blossom essence. Its essential oils include pure rose oil, labdanum resinoid, lavender, bergamot, rosemary, 'mental concentration' blend, frankincense and sandalwood. All blended together with special intentions, energy infused water and sacred water and lunar water from the Glastonbury White Spring Well, the Chalice Well and St Annes well.