Calley's Magick Misters are sacred vibrational energy sprays made with special intentions for uplifting, nurturing and supporting you in your life. All mists are made with a combination of gem or crystal elixirs, sacred water, 100% pure essential oils, sound vibrations, vibrational essences and chakra oils. They are also infused with specific power animal and elemental energies and made together with high frequency Beings. You can use the Magick Misters for clearing or blessing spaces, cleansing crystals or use it as an aura spray to uplift and support your energy needs.

Grounding Mist

The Grounding Mist is a sacred nurturing and grounding vibrational energy spray. It is especially useful for times when we feel ‘wired’, anxious or depressed or have been spending too much time in front of electronic devices such as computers, smart phones and TVs. You may use it as a space clearing mist to uplift or clear dense energies in a space, as a crystal cleanser or as an aura spray to uplift your own energy providing a sense of calm and nurturing. It can also be used to support your daily grounding routines and is perfect for helping you connect with the earthy nature energies when you cant get outside or you have been spending too much time with electronic devices.


Crystal Elixirs:

Smokey quartz, clear quartz, petrified wood, pyrite, haematite, sodalite, rose quartz, bolder opal, selenite, green tigers eye, yellow tigers eye, rainbow fluorite, carnelian, amethyst, malachite, milky quartz, basalt and several other grounding rocks and crystals from various parts of Zimbabwe. This Mist also contains clear quartz crystals attuned on the Crystal Healing Bed in Australia.


Vibrational Essences:

  • Elder vibrational essence- for ancient wisdom and nurturing new growth.
  • Calley’s Air Element vibrational essence -made in the mountains and forests of Springbok Mountain in Australia- this essence captures the energies of the sylphs, the faeries and other magickal Beings found in this area. This essence aids in clarity and illumination in one’s life and visioning and manifesting new dreams or goals in life.
  • Ancestral lineage- connecting us to the wisdom of the ancestors and the energy of the land.
  • Narnia Sphagnum Moss- for helping us connect to nature when we really need to be nurtured and grounded.
  • Calley’s lightworker’s vibrational essence- for uplifting and clearing of energies.
  • Kalahari Desert salt- Clearing of dense or negative energies and African grounding energy.

Essential Oils:

Frankincense, sandalwood, de-stress aromatherapy blend, rose and root chakra oil.


Sacred Water:

Winter solstice lunar water, lunar eclipse water, sacred water collected from the Chalice and White Wells in Glastonbury in the UK.


Vibrational Energies:

Sound vibrational energies used included chakra mantras, jade chimes and tingsha bells to raise the frequency of the Mists. Power animal energy frequencies included lion, kangaroo, kudu, white rhino, elephant and polar bear. Higher frequency Beings included Archangel Raphael, Ancient Tree Beings, unicorn and faery energies.


Custom Mist

Best selling custom blended mist done with your intentions for your space and what you wish to manifest in your life. These are most often done in combination for clients having space clearing and blessings in their homes or businesses.

Watch this space for the new vibrational energy sprays on their way...

Faery Magick

Put some faery sparkle and fun into your life and your space and allow their magick to uplift you. Perfect for a pick me up and also connecting with the faery realm.