What is space clearing all about?

Have you ever walked into a space and felt immediately uplifted or walked into a room straight after an argument has happened in the space and felt uncomfortable? Do certain office spaces make you feel motivated while in others you feel drained and heavy? You are simply responding to the energy in the space. Quantum mechanics teaches us that everything is energy whether  it is the atoms that ultimately make up your body or the energy that make a chair solid or water to form instead of ice. All matter is energy. Our homes are not just inanimate physical structures they are composed of vibrating unseen energy fields. It is these energy fields that respond to human thought and intention.

All ancient civilisations used space clearing techniques. Although the methods and tools vary between cultures and groups around the world the intentions are the same: to create spaces of harmony, clarity, peace and energetic support to those that live and work in it. Many western businesses recognise how professional space clearers can help increase sales and productivity and improve the health of their workforce. Some of the largest real estate firms in the USA use the services of space clearers in order to dramatically accelerate property sales. Land management corporations employ space clearers to perform blessings on the land before beginning to build large suburban housing developments. Modern home owners have found that even simply burning essential oils or herbs, ringing bells and setting intentions for their homes makes them feel better as a result. Our living and working spaces are supposed to support us and create harmony in our lives and if they are not then its time to bring them back into balance.

Sometimes energy in a home or office can become stagnant and heavy. When your space is not supporting you energetically you may feel tired and listless, unmotivated, irritable, unclear, overwhelmed or unsettled or you may be facing health, relationship or abundance challenges. Simple techniques to cleanse the energy of your home can produce a remarkable and positive influence on the way you feel, and on every aspect of your life. The human psyche responds dramatically and powerfully to symbolic acts and so rituals designed to purify the energy in your home can have an enormous impact on every aspect of your life.

When is space clearing essential?

You can space clear your home or office at any time that you would like to uplift or harmonise the energy in your space and make your home feel more like a sanctuary or your business become more successful but there are particular times when it is very important to clear and bless your environment.

  • Construction of a new home. In ancient traditions, it was considered a sacrilege to begin the construction of a building before clearing and consecrating the land. Anecdotal evidence supports the validity of such practices, as homes built on battle sites or hallowed ground have often been plagued by continuous problems. Simply taking the time to connect and communicate with the earth, clear the land of residual energy, and offer blessings can make an enormous difference in the fortunes of all the occupants of a home. Blessings for the land forge a symbolic link between the house and the life-giving earth it rests upon. The people who live in the home will reap the benefits of living in this location.

  • Before moving into a new home. In many cultures it is unthinkable to move into a home that has not been cleared and blessed. Homes that have not been freed of residual energies will sometimes continue to foster patterns of behavior related to the emotions of the previous occupants for example if there was a lot of anger experienced by previous owners in the space this can create an energy echo called residual energy. Residual anger in a home can make it easier for the current residents to have anger issues. It is not uncommon for a business to go bankrupt in a building that has seen previous bankruptcy. Although this could be attributed to a bad location, it is more likely that the negative energy created by the previous misfortune created a template for failure; known as predecessor energy. Even if the previous homeowners were healthy and happy, it is still advantageous to clear the space. This allows you to align the space with your own energies rather than other people's energies.

  • After 'negative' events such as after illness, divorce, death, or misfortune. Following these type of events the energy of your space becomes sluggish and heavy and feels uncomfortable. Space clearing facilitates the timely release of pain, suffering, sorrow, and discomfort so that you can begin anew. It literally helps to “clear the air” of stagnant, unhealthy, negative energy such as after arguments, prolonged health challenges, home accidents, or the departure of an unpleasant visitor.

  • Anytime you feel you need a lift or you are feeling stuck or the space feels continually agitated or your life feels chaotic and you wish to create an oasis of peace. 

Although a complete clearing involves an entire home or office, even the simple act of clutter clearing, lighting a candle with intention, misting a room, and ringing a bell will have a positive effect on how you feel if it is done with the intent of transforming the energy in your environment. When you cleanse and purify the energy in your home, it becomes a sanctuary and a place where you can truly relax and recharge for your daily life. It becomes an important anchoring point from which you venture out into the world, as well as being a welcoming abode for your return.

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How do I do Space Clearing?

Space clearing is a very sacred process to me and is done to align you with your intentions for your space and your life. 

My space clearing consists of the following stages:

  • Interview about your current circumstances and your space and your intentions for your space and your life (normally takes about an hour per person). A coloured hand drawn house/ office plan is then submitted to me.

  • Walking around all the rooms of the space. Skype walk through of the space for distance only clearings.

  • Distance clearing of your space which includes meditation, ceremony, crystal griding, mudras, sound clearing tools, essential oils and various essences and resins or herbs and blessings of the spaces with your intentions (time dependent on space size).

  • Preparation for physical clearing (normally several hours).

  • Physical clearing and blessing of all the rooms in the space with those living or working in the space which includes sacred ceremony, physical clearing of all rooms and blessings of all rooms with pre-discussed intentions with a combination of mudras, sound clearing tools, essential oils/ resins/herbs and then alignment of the owners with the new energies. It is preferable for all those living in the house or for the owners of the business space to take part in this space clearing ceremony to help magnify your intentions and your energies with the space. The time for the physical clearing is dependent on the size of the space so for example a two room business with patio frontage and bathrooms will take about two hours while a medium to large size four bedroom house normally takes about five hours.

  • Maintenance of the energy by owners or those living or working in the space.

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How much does it cost?

  • The cost is very much dependent on the size of the space and the number of rooms or buildings that need to be cleared due to the amount of time and preparation needed for the clearing and blessing of all the spaces. Count the number of rooms including bathrooms and toilets and any patios or verandahs, workshop spaces and garages. Then follow the link below and use the drop down menu to work out the price based on the number of rooms or size of business or industrial space and then choose whether you would prefer a distance clearing and blessing or a physical in person clearing. Clearing and blessing of sites before building or construction commences can also be arranged.

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