Energy Art- Art with a purpose

Please specific words and any preferred symbols for the base layer and also whether you would like the portal design or a preferred design as the top layer and preferred colours

Art made with intention has the ability to transform the space it is hung in and transform the life of the person creating or for whom it is being created for. Using acrylic on canvas the art is done in layers. On the base layer the words of what the intentions are painted usually in primary colours only such as abundance, vitality, balance, peace, new career, love etc. The second layer contains important symbols which carry the intentions of the person and can utilise a huge variety of different symbols depending on the persons belief systems such as the Om peace symbol, the lotus symbols, rune symbols and animal energy symbols and anly appropriate stencils. The next layer adds more colours and the last layer can either be left as an energy portal like vortex or it can be anything meaningful such as an animal or a landscape or a flower what ever is desired as the ultimate picture with elements of the other layers either showing through or completely covered up by the top layer.