Awaken to Me Program (soon to be released)

This program is divided into six one hour sessions. Each session includes breathing exercises, grounding, protection, yoga and body movement practises to move the energy, visualisation and meditation, daily tools to keep you on track and journalling.

Session 1: Exploring the Mind

Exploring the Element of Air and the mental body, visioning a new life and clearing the mind.

Session 2: Exploring the Body

Exploring Fire Element, feeling I to the guidance from the physical body, dreaming big, creativity and having the courage to walk your life purpose.

Session 3: Exploring the Emotions

Exploring the Element of Water,  clearing the emotional body and tapping into the emotional guidance system, letting go of what is no longer serving you and living in mindfulness.

Session 4: Becoming Me

Exploring the Earth element and abundance, integrating all the energy bodies and grounding.

Session 5: Transcending Me

Exploring the Ether, the Higher Self and the intuition. Trust and surrender and understanding the Spiritual Body.

Session 6: Integrating me

Integrating all levels of the human experience and aligning mind, body and soul. Connecting to Mother Earth, life purpose and setting the course for an extraordinary life.